Menu services has been designed and is being constantly improved by industry professionals from around the world. Take a quick look to the most important features and concepts.


Your guest can have access directly to your menu without having to download and use a mobile application. The process can be initiated through a QR code , a NFC tag or simply by connecting to your wifi.


There is no need for registration for the user and all features can be used without having to disclose any personal information. Even for interactive features such as "call waiter" an anonymous 2-way communication is established.


Whether you decide to input your preferred languages and translations or use the ready built-in Google Translate feature, your catalogue or menu will be ready and available to your guests at the language of their convenience.


Predefined categories (vegan, kosher etc) along with powerful free text search with include and exclude features can help guests uniquely match their preferences and save time from your most valuable resources.


Menu with photos or just texts, Classic categorization or cross menu filtering is up to you decide and change at any time allowing a visualization of your menu to your guest's device that suits your image.


Manage instantly and from anywhere any offer or item. Have guest insights not able to have before. Maintain one catalogue and use it in many different occasions and forms. In and out of the store, even online or in print


We know that the initial input of the catalogue can be time consuming. Thats why we have implemented a very easy and straight-forward import from a simple excel file that includes all item data plus categories and ingredients.


Pay request, ready to order, re-order, or issue, A standard but optional feature that allows your guest to contact you directly without struggling to contact your staff. Also serves as an effective way of addressing complains directly.


Apart from a detailed , full text and category seach we have included a fast and convinient direct cross-menu filtering by customizable predefined categories.


Depending on the style of your business the appropriate visuals can boost your sales and offer a visual insight to your guests. Our eyes are tasting also, before our tongue.


Let the guests navigate to all of your catalogue information at their preffered language. In case the auto translation is not your choice you have the option of a manual translation that serves best your image


Just in the first screen the guest has all the information needed to scroll and view all of your offers with one move, without complicated menus or annoying procedures that spoil the user experience.


Although very simple to setup and operate, menu services offers a wide range of solution alternatives across not only the HoReCa sector, but also for the FnB industry, apart from a classic full menu functionality

Mobile Preview
Apart of the normal full menu display, you can choose to include only the items that change every day or are on a special offer at the-real- time of viewing the menu. Activating or deactivating offers , with immediate effect has never been easier.
Guests are usually very keen in diving deeper to your successful proposals. You can choose for which you would like to share more engaging information and do it with menu services. All the way down to the sourcing of your ingredients.
Hotels usually are in need of multiple different menus according to the location of ordering and consumption. Restaurant, Bar, Room service can have their own catalogue with different time-related offers or exclusions.
If you own more than one stores under the same catalogue, menu services can offer you a unified administration and monitoring of all locations under one menu that is easily updated centrally and is immediately changed globally. (custom services may apply)
Let them dive deeper and explore the local tradition or the specialties you have to offer. Especially due to the embedded translation options, your foreign guests as well as as your staff will thank you for the convenience.
Apart from the basic functionality of using menu services in a Bar environment, it also can be used to promote by priority the suggestions that are differentiating you from the rest of the market and share rich visual and textual information.
Advertising of great value is easily forgotten under the pressure of a choice in limited time. Help the guests of your points of presence to review your offers and guide them to select what suits best to their need. Your in-store wizard.



perfect match

Easy, straight forward and stress free browsing let the guest be in control of his/her choices and of the budget. Maximizes the user experience and enables sharing it safely through the embedded sharing options. Since the digital menu is always available at guest's hand, ordering and re-ordering processes are easy and paired with rich visual and textual information increase the average amount spent per person, even by 30%.


a great relief

Vegan? Vegetarian? Religious or nutritional restrictions? Relief from the nightmare of answering hundreds of time-consuming questions and spent more time on quality service. Servicing foreign clients has never beiing easier as it s possible to offer them a translated version of your menu at the language of their preference. Decrease stress and increase satisfaction by simply introducing menu services to your clients.


unique tool

Manage instantly and from anywhere any offer or item. Have guest insights not able to have before. Maintain one catalogue and use it in many different occasions and forms. In and out of the store, even online. Establish a direct contact with every client tha is in need of something (e.g pay, order, question) or has to report an issue. Turn potentialy negative comments and ratings to a praise about your service and effective responsiveness.

easy setup · simple operation · GDPR safe · interactive · affordable


Beyond our below presented plans we remain flexible to respond to any special need for customization and volume installations . Please contact us for any further request and we will get back to you promptly.


0 € / 10 Days Trial

* no credit card data required

All the functionality of the standard menu.services plan

Unlimited number of menu items, categories, ingredients

Media library uploads

Full dashboard functionality

Excel import enabled

10 days zero cost subscription plus 7 days upgrade period.

( * after the period of the 7 days your data will be deleted)



39,00 €/ month

for a 12-month commitment (468,00 €)

1 full functionality menu

Unlimited number of menu items, categories, ingredients, and media uploads

Unlimited media uploads

Unlimited users

Full dashboard functionality

Excel import enabled

4 mobile visualizations

Call Waiter function

+ 1 month free (13 months)



99,00 €/ month

for a 12-month commitment (1188,00 €)

3 independent menu licenses under 1 business entity

All standard plan features available per menu

Unlimited pack of the standard plan per installation

+ 1 month free (13 months) per menu license activation

Add more licenses from 29,00 €/ mo

Best suited for hotels with multiple departments and service locations



starts from 119,00 €/ month

plus initial customization costs

1 custom functionality menu

Customizable visualizations

Add-on functionality

Exclusive hosting (cloud or dedicated)

Dedicated support (available as extra contract)

Custom look-and-feel according to your own branding

On site training

Volume licensing option (1 menu – multiple locations)



Any comment or request is dealt promptly and with respect to any special needs or requirements you would like to discuss. Feel free to contact us, our "don't disturbe" policy guarantees your peace of mind.